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Frequent asked questions

Frequent asked questions
How may I use the wallpapers of Photo-Background?
You may use this photos only for non-commercial usage as background for your computer-desktop. You may not sell them on CD-ROMs or in any other form.

Who has the copyright for the photos?
Photo-Background has the copyright for the website, the photographers the copyright for their pictures. If you want to use the photos for any other purposes than your private Computer-Desktop, please ask us!

I shot an extra-ordinary photo, how can I send it to you?
We only publish our own photos and the photos of our friends on Photo-Background. If you think you belong to this group, just send us an e-mail ;-)

How can I use your photos as desktop-background?
Choose your Photo. Then click on the button with your screen resolution (eg. 1024x768). In the new window right click on the photo and you can save the picture as background.

When do you put new wallpapers online?
Normally we upload new photos on Sunday evening or Monday morning, at least one photo a week.

How can I get the Wallpaper in another resolution?
If your wanted resolution is smaller than 1280x1024, the easiest way is to download the picture in this resolution and to resize it with a normal graphics programm like an Photo-Editor.

I need an higher resolution than 1280x1024, how can I get it?
Some Photos are available in higher resolutions. Just send us an email and we will do what we can.

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